Learn about Burkyco and the people that make quirky stuff to make clouds like me and you happy!

Who are we?

Burkyco was founded in 2016 and is based in Toronto, Canada.

We specialise in creating quirky and endearing tokens of appreciation such as cards, stationary and other gifting paraphernalia.

As a proudly Canadian company, we strive to ensure our supply chain is as domestic as possible. We are friends with the planet and use recycled content and biodegradable materials in our products.

Anna Burkholder

Meet Anna, she’s the founder of Burkyco! Anna has had quite the number of adventures while traveling and living abroad. After a near enrollment into clown college, and some years getting lost on London’s underground, Anna now lives in Toronto. She loves creating silly characters and exploring the voices of inanimate objects. If you see her giggling madly, you may be witnessing the making of her next pun! (note: proceed with caution; crazed giggling is contagious!)

To contact Anna, you can bribe her with some of her favourite things: set aside a platter of crackers and cheese and a game of Uno. If this doesn’t work, use our contact form – she could be playing Uno with someone else already!